On Wednesday, September 21st, the Central High School Men’s basketball team gathered at West Georgia Regional Library in Carrollton, Ga for a community service event. The team volunteered to organize books for a monthly book drive that the library has each month to sell books. The team was accompanied by Head Coach, Deion Sims, Basketball Brotherhood volunteer, Chris Holloman, and Mrs. Jacine Harrison. The team gathered boxes of books ranging from magazines all the way to children’s books and organized then to get them ready for sale. Other team members broke down old boxes, discarded old magazines, and stacked empty boxes along the wall. Head Coach, Deion Sims, believes that it is very important to give back especially to your surrounding community. He enjoys volunteering at the local library because he wants to inspire our youth to read and believes in the power that comes from it.

*Attached are photos that were taken during the event.
Photo Credit: Justin Harrison (Justin Harrison Design & MoShep Productions)

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