On February 25, 2017, I had an opportunity to witness two great programs join and inspire young student athletes. The 2017 GRPA District 12U Girls’ Basketball Tournament played at Central High school was hosted by both the Basketball Sisterhood and Central High School girls’ basketball team. The tournament consisted of teams from Carroll County, Hapeville, Union City, and Thomaston. It was a very competitive tournament because each team played with great emotion and intensity, demonstrating the hearts of Champions.

Members of the Basketball Sisterhood and Central High school basketball teams taught the tournaments’ participants the art of good sportsmanship. Sisterhood members gave encouraging words and cheered for all the teams. The tournament participants were elated to take pictures with the older girls. It was an awesome show of community service and demonstrated as undeniable evidence that community service can be fun and rewarding. One of the greatest gifts a person can give is their time.

–JaDechia Hill
Basketball Sisterhood, Assistant director

“Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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