Deion and (BB) Basketball Brotherhood

This is an Elite Guard Training Program with a combination of situational and quick repetition drills which are a necessity when there is a desire to play beyond high school. I was always taught that you get out of something what you put into it. I watched Deion’s game speed intensity and repetition workouts and I knew my son (Kahlil Wynn) had to be part of his program.

Kahlil has been working with Deion and BB for his entire high school career. WOW! We’ve defiantly seen an improvement in his game every year. Kahlil stats have improved year over year which allowed him to be one of the top guards in his area. Kahlil was an All Area and All Region 1st team player & performer along with many team awards, Team MVP, Captain Awards, etc…

Kahlil had a stellar high school career. This was attributed to hard work, keeping the faith, and working with Deion and BB. Kahlil achieved his goal. He received a scholarship to play college basketball.

I highly recommend Deion’s BB program to anyone who has a goal to play college basketball. It was very successful for us.


Eddie Wynn

“Leadership is practiced not in words but in attitude and in actions”.

Kahlil's BB PictureKahlil's BB Picture 5Kahlil's BB Picture 6

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