Our son Zach has had personalized Basketball training from Deion Sims of the Basketball Brotherhood. The skills and drills that he was taught have been amazing in his development as a basketball player. Zach’s confidence in his own abilities increased with every session and it helped him achieve a lot of the goals he had set for himself. From making school rep teams, to city rep teams to being selected to represent his state. I believe by working with Basketball Brotherhood he was able to grow his fundamental skill set in all areas of the game. Deion was always very specific and direct in his instructions which made it very easy for Zach to learn from him.
Deion taught Zach that hard work will not only bring results but it can also be fun, something that I think is the most important thing for developing youth players. I would highly recommend this program to any player looking to improve their game.  
Kind Regards
Jamie & Sharnnah Summers

Zach's BB Picture 3Zach's BB PictureZach's BB Picture 4

Zach's BB Picture 2

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