Our EOTO Brothers ‘23 squad finished 3-1 at On The Radar Hoops’ Sweet Sixteen Session ll. This NCAA Live Period event was attended by 100+ college coaches from all over the country. Not only did our guys play well, but they garnered interest from college coaches and put the entire venue on notice that EOTO is coming! 💪


Game 1


Flame 60

Oray Towns lll 27 pts

Robbie Lebon 18 pts

Ladarius Merrill 10 pts, 10 reb

Nate Jones 9 pts

Game 2


Pistons Elite 61

Oray Towns lll 28 pts

Nate Jones 12 pts

JT Dumas 11pts

Game 3


NGU 77

Oray Towns lll 18 pts

Robbie Lebon 16 pts

Ladarius Merrill 13 pts

Nate Jones 11 pts

JT Dumas 8 pts

Game 4


Lob Elite 61

Cade Costanzo 15 pts

JT Dumas 14 pts

Oray Towns lll 13 pts , 7 ast

Nate Jones 12 pts

Ladarius Merrill 8 pts 11 reb

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