“The Basketball Chronicle”

A vast written account of Brotherhood & Sisterhood accomplishments.


2023 guard @Kai_14 has natural leadership qualities and her positive energy is contagious. A lefty combo guard that looks to pass first then score when needed.

Pressures point guards the full length of the court, lock and trails good scorers.

Extracurricular activities:

JROTC, Upward Bound, and FBLA.

ALL in… Makala Bullock!


2023 guard @brileymerrill is a lengthy two-way player. Creative scorer around the rim and good shooter from deep. Briley is a selfless teammate that leads by example.

Great instincts for helping off the ball and trapping shaky ball-handlers.

“Briley puts the team’s success before her personal goals”.

ALL in…. Briley Merrill!

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