“Jarrod Jackson and Janae Jackson are siblings, who have been members of Basketball Brotherhood/Sisters, since the early days of the program.  They participated in individual and group basketball training sessions, for the past several years where they gained solid basketball skills.  They also volunteered at summer basketball camps hosted by the program and participated in community service events.  Their skill development set them apart, which has led to opportunities to play basketball in college. Jarrod was a 4-year starter at Central High, and he currently plays basketball at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.   Janae, also a four-year starter at Central High, had the benefit of playing with Basketball Sister’s AAU team, where they competed in some high-level basketball exposure tournaments.  Janae is being recruited by several schools to include Coast Guard Academy, Naval Academy, University of Chicago, Berry, and others. Basketball Brotherhood/Sisters helped Jarrod and Janae to become higher skilled players, who can think and play the game”. Ralph Jackson

“Jarrod and Janae Jackson are prime examples of elite student-athletes” Deion Sims

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