Central High School main gym has been under construction for months but the on-going gym renovations didn’t stop the Basketball Sisterhood from hosting its 1st annual basketball camp. Female student-athletes ages 12 – 17 spent three consecutive days improving their basketball abilities. Before each camp day, camp director Deion Sims and instructors motivated campers to practice with a purpose, to work hard so that they exceed personal limitations, and to be contagious teammates. Throughout the three day camp, all players improved and the most notable improvements were effective ball-handling moves, passing to teammates to create easier shots, and overall athleticism. Coach Sims and staff praised campers for their improvements while redirecting thoughts of complacency. Sims believes “satisfaction comes from improving one’s work-ethic, not the results that come from the work”.

Jacksonville State University first baseman Hayley Sims, University of Western Carolina forward Sherae Bonner, and Central High School graduate Christina Lay helped run a successful camp and the Basketball Sisterhood would like to thank these ladies for their time and efforts.

Basketball Sisterhood’s vision is to improve the overall development of our student-athletes by stressing the importance of academics and teaching the fundamentals of basketball, this will allow our student-athletes to pursue successful careers both on and off the basketball court. We embrace the belief, that we are successful when our student athletes are successful!

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