Jarrod Jackson is a Basketball Brotherhood member with a 4.12 GPA and high basketball IQ. The sophomore combination guard has set a goal to play collegiate basketball on the Division 1 level. To achieve his goal, Jarrod knows that he has to honor a commitment to training, and he must work hard to improve his basketball craft. In addition to his basketball abilities, Jarrod is an all A student with a 4.12 GPA, and he understands that maintaining a high GPA will draw attention from college basketball programs. Family, friends, and the people that doubt him are Jarrod’s motivating factors to be the best!

Basketball Brotherhood’s vision is to improve the overall development of our student-athletes by stressing the importance of academics and teaching the fundamentals of basketball. This will allow our student-athletes to pursue successful careers both on and off the basketball court. We embrace the belief, that we are successful when our student athletes are successful!

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