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Summer is for development… as twenty-eight campers lace their sneakers impatiently awaiting the start of Basketball Brotherhood, Inc. 1st annual skill development camp. Camp participants eager to learn and primarily focusing on improving their overall basketball skill-sets.

On Thursday, July 16th, 2015, twenty-three campers and six camp instructors arrive at 9:45 am to the hellish Central High School main gym ready work! Making the commitment to play intimidating defense was the first day’s point of emphasize. Camp instructors taught violation-free defense and explain that discipline is the key to playing strong team defense. Playing good team defense is a challenge… “When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results” Kenneth Blanchard

On day 2, campers learn how to score the basketball! Camp director, Deion Sims, stress the importance of ball security, good passing, and effective screening. Sims told campers, “To become a consistent double digit scorer YOU must invest hours and more hours handling the basketball, building good shooting mechanics, and working with teammates to create easier scoring plays”. The development did not stop at basketball, life-skills coach Johnny Mitchell gave an inspirational speech explaining 3 steps to achieving success. Steps were: setting a clear target with a plan of action, remaining mindful and focus on completion of targeted goal, and gaining knowledge from trial and error, profit by failure! Coach Mitchell encouraged campers to apply 3 steps both on and off the basketball court to achieve success.

On the final day of camp, the brotherhood was form! Positive energy lingered throughout the gym and campers demonstrated the upmost sportsmanship while competing for victories. Victories were earned due to hard-work and improvements were noticeable because campers applied training techniques while playing organized games.

The camp motto: Rest a-little Progress a-lot this summer with the Basketball Brotherhood! Camp director, Deion Sims, was very impress with all campers’ development and has already begun planning for next year’s camp!

For any additional questions contact camp director, Deion Sims:
Cell: (470) – 201 – 9787

One thought on “Basketball Brotherhood: Skills Development Camp | Moshep Productions

  1. Wow! This video is very good. The participants are attentive and are putting forth good effort to learn all the skills. I am very impressed with the work and dedication displayed by all the volunteers. Great job to everyone involved. Carl Ann Sims Jones

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